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A limited edition Digital Download card of New Zealand alternative rock singer-songwriter Peter Woolston's five-track EP Hope On My Horizon.

Peter’s infectious vocals and melodic guitar songs are captivating listeners of alternative rock bands like U2, Switchfoot, Foo Fighters and Audio Adrenaline. The five songs on this CD showcase Peter’s powerful and heartfelt lyrics alongside his grand confident vocals and guitar-powered hooks.

The Digital Download card enables the bearer to download Peter's five-track EP Hope On My Horizon. It's great as a gift to share with someone who needs an alternative rock anthem of hope and courage or keep it as a limited edition momento or use it as a bookmark ! The closest you can come to physically holding the digital version of Hope On My Horizon. 

You can enjoy this "rock album that will easily attract listeners worldwide” while you do good in the hood as sales fund free surgery for the world's poor aboard the charity hospital ship Mercy Ships NZ with your Hope On My Horizon CD digital download.

Track listing: Hope On My Horizon, Better Man Someday, Dead Man Walking, I Believe In You, and Obsession. 

Here’s what people are saying about Peter Woolston:

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 stars “the sound of rocking guitars, pounding basslines, and crashing drums … pop/rock edge makes his music incredibly accessible … very distinct alternative rock sound … akin to something from Foo Fighters or a less grungy Pearl Jam … guitars have an almost U2 kind of chiming to them and the drums have a forceful stomp … Peter Woolston has created an album that rocks and inspires with equal measure … this is an EP very much deserving of your time” (Heath Andrews / Music Critic and Interviewer of David Knopfler, Nils Lofgren, and Bruce Hornsby)

 4 stars “Like U2 in it’s heyday … kicking rock … grand confident vocals … layered guitars … similar timbre to Switchfoot … enjoyable modern rock album that will easily attract listeners worldwide“ (Kelly O’Neil / Music Reviewer for Foreigner, Jessica Simpson, Kevin Max, Jaci Velasquez, CCM, U and CrossWalk magazines)

”Peter is an exceptional person his passion is something we don't always see. His music is great and his love for people and music shows through.” (Ruben S, website)

“He is a rare gem. His songs inspire and are positive. I find his music easy to listen to. Keep on playing Peter.” (Robert G, website)

”One huge hearted musician - Peter's passion for reaching the broken is communicated profoundly and remarkably in his music.” (Graeme Walls - Mercy Ships New Zealand Director)


NOTE - This is a physical Download Card which can be used once and will be shipped to you. Using the one-time access code on the Download Card you will download the digital version of the EP. 

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